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It Begins With Me: Navigating Your Journey To Personal Freedom Book Reviews


It Begins With Me is more than useful, it's thought-provoking. It's like having your own personal life coach available 24/7 - one that's ready to help you through your existential crises and emotional catastrophes – all for the cost of a paperback book. You'll find that this author knows his stuff. His compassion and empathy are evident on every page, as is his desire and ability to empower the reader. Most important, he encourages honest self-reflection – without condemnation. Want to feel good about yourself and life? Reach for this book. It's an exhilarating resource.”

R.M., Writer
Los Angeles, CA


“I value the wisdom and loving messages of each chapter, each page of It Begins With Me. I offer this book to my sponsees in 12-Step Programs who then use it as a means to achieve the ultimate goal of emotional sobriety. One such sponsee told me he cherishes the brevity of the chapters in the book, because he can use each chapter as a daily reflection. The experience of the book—in part and, especially in whole—is a beautiful journey into clarity, peace, and love.”

D.B., Actor
Los Angeles, CA


“In his latest book, It Begins With Me, Michael Blomsterberg does something deceptively simple that is, in fact, remarkably difficult to achieve — he opens our hearts and minds to knowledge that’s already deep inside us, buried under the rubble of negative experiences, ineffective behaviors, and bad habits. He draws this inherent wisdom out of us, gem by gem, piercing the veil of our misperceptions about ourselves. He articulately and specifically guides us on a journey to uncover our own understanding of who we really are, helping us truly find and accept ourselves and share ourselves with others. I’m grateful to Michael for sharing himself in such a way that’s helped me learn more about who I am — and how to be that person more consistently.”

J.L.W., Executive Producer
Los Angeles, CA


“No matter where you are in your life, whether embarking on a new spiritual path or looking to deepen a search you have already begun, It Begins With Me will be a nourishing addition to your aim. One of my favorite things about the book are the practical exercises. We are not only given an outline, we also receive simple and doable direction to help reach each objective. Those objectives include self-love, self-awareness, and self-acceptance which then leads to other-acceptance and letting go of limiting beliefs.”

C.D., Actor, Personal Administrative Assistant/House Manager
Los Angeles, CA


“As a former therapist and presently as a life coach, the #1 cause of suffering that I witness is a lack of self-love. This manifests as resistance to what is, to a search for love externally, to self-recrimination and judgment. In It Begins With Me, Michael creates a foundation of pure love and safety to allow for his readers to at minimum, reestablish a connection with oneself, and at most, provide the unconditional love that we all are yearning for.”

B.B., Spiritual Life Coach
San Diego, CA


“Michael's understanding of the human mind is unlike any other. He offers the reader a set of tools to help reveal one's true self, removing shame, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness. Michael offers his advice as an invitation only – never a demand. He freely shares both his personal challenges and his triumphs, always welcoming the lessons they provide. His work has truly changed my life.”

B.B., Co-Manager, Ralphs
Woodland Hills, CA


“As a physician and surgeon, I must often share painful news with my patients. With empathy and understanding all too commonly left out of the medical curriculum, doctors can find themselves retreating into a cold or clinical manner in such situations while still seeking ways to empower those patients who are facing a new reality. Because It Begins With Me contains such especially helpful chapters like those on understanding the journey, laughter, and faith in the process, this book can be a helpful tool in blending the very objective nature of performing medical procedures with the necessary and subjective art of caring for the patient. I would encourage all physicians, nurses, social workers, and health care workers to read this book!”

Orlando, FL


“The self-love referenced in the old cache of ‘you cannot feel love unless you love yourself first’ is hard to achieve. Yet, without lecture or difficult instruction, It Begins With Me moved me slowly, passionately, and easily through my journey of growth and tolerance. Michael’s words have the most uncanny way of allowing a fresh breath of air to come into my entire being. I have read and reread chapters, and I continue to return for courage and inspiration. It helps me permit myself to just be me and acts as a guide, feeding my energy on my pursuit to happiness.”

R.N., Lead Sales
San Diego, CA