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Chapter 25: Stand By You

Chapter 26: Destination Unknown

Chapter 28: We All Shine On

Chapter 34: Praise You

Chapter 36: Seeing Anew

Chapter 39: The Power Of Laughter

Chapter 42: All Resplendent


Excerpt from Chapter 25: Stand By You

If you’re waiting for a mate, a promotion, a certain amount of money, to lose 20 pounds, for your health to improve, or for someone or something to change before you can accept your situation and enjoy your life, are you really living, or have you essentially put your happiness on hold? Here’s the deal:  when you don’t accept the moment for what it is, you unconsciously limit that moment’s possibilities.

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Excerpt from Chapter 26: Destination Unknown

When you’re not attached to a certain outcome, you’re free to relish the journey, as well as the benefits, of any result that might occur, even if it isn’t what you had in mind. When we face a situation with faith, we know that whatever the outcome may be, it is happening for us, regardless of whether we understand it.

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Excerpt from Chapter 28: We All Shine On

There is a huge difference between not being enough and not feeling enough. Not being enough is a lie that we tell ourselves that prevents us from owning our power and keeps us beholden to our darkness instead of our light. When you’re creating your life from a core foundation of not being enough, most everything in your life (including your loved ones) becomes contaminated by this belief. Your dissatisfaction spills over onto just about everyone and everything. It’s nearly impossible to be truly satisfied.

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Excerpt from Chapter 34: Praise You

When we can acknowledge, praise, and celebrate ourselves, we no longer feel the need to seek that from our partners. We no longer expect them to give us something that we haven’t yet been able to give to ourselves (and, therefore, something that we were incapable of truly receiving, as well). In nourishing and nurturing ourselves, we take back responsibility for our own happiness, contentedness, and satisfaction, as we’re no longer relying upon someone else. We get to have a whole different experience when we can appreciate and champion ourselves and our efforts.

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Excerpt from Chapter 36: Seeing Anew

Forgiveness is for you. It sets you free. Through forgiveness, you’re cleansed of toxicity that no longer serves you. You’re emancipated to live in the present.

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Excerpt from Chapter 39: The Power Of Laughter

When we can laugh, genuinely and sincerely laugh, at the way things have played out in our lives, along with our participation throughout, we prepare the space for a magnanimous existence. Laughter is powerful. It is healing and rejuvenating in so many ways and on so many levels. It is one of the greatest natural exhilarators available to us.

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Excerpt from Chapter 42: All Resplendent

This luminosity exists in everything:  within us, as us, and all around us. It is inherent in our being. Look where we originated. This means that the greatness for which we often strive also already exists within us. We are comprised of that magnificence. It’s not something to attain; it’s something that’s simply a given. It is innate and ever present. End of story. No proof required.

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